Monday, October 17, 2016

Status Check #writerslife #survey

I'm taking another survey - Here are a few questions for you!
  1. Are you doing NaNoWriMo next month?
  2. Are you entering a story for the IWSG Anthology Contest?
  3. How long is your TBR list?
  4. What makes you buy a book by a new, unknown author?
  5. What book format do you prefer the most? Print - Ebook - Audio
  6. What phase of writing are you in right now? (give as many details as you like!)
    • New Story Draft
    • Edits
    • Polishing
    • Querying
    • Marketing
Here are my answers:
  1. I'm not doing Nano, though I would like to.
  2. I'm trying very hard to find time to enter the IWSG Anthology Contest - story is shouting at me, just need time to write it!
  3. My TBR list is long, many books started and no time to read them!
  4. Cover catches my eye and the blurb is different than other stories - unpredictable and full of voice!
  5. I am starting to lean toward ebook for convenience, but print will always be my first love!
  6. I have one in Edits/Polishing and one in Draft, and of course there's always Marketing!
And I leave you with a fun pic of Julie Flanders and me at Operation Pumpkin's Bookfest. The first night was a nightmare, but the next day blew it away making the whole event a huge success!

Hope you all are having a fantastic October!
Last question - are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Are you ready for some READING?!

Insecure Writer Support Group Question of the Month: When do you know your story is ready?

I used to wonder about that and asked myself and others the same question. Now I know. So here are some answers you might relate to:

1) When you've read it so much you can't stand it anymore.

2) When you read it and it flows so well, you forget you're supposed to be polishing it!

3) When the deadline rears its ugly head.

4) When your beta reader/CP/editor says it is.

5) When you start nit-picking and second-guessing.

6) When you're ready to start the next one.

7) When you catch yourself telling a non-writer friend it's done.

8) When you realize it will never be perfect -- you will always find a flaw if you keep looking.

9) When your characters stop speaking to you.

10) You just know.

And don't forget to whip up a story for the next Insecure Writers Support Group anthology contest. I've got a good story and I'm trying again! If I can squeeze in some writing time!

I also wanted to share a couple of pics from this past weekend. Had a lovely time at the Sci Fi Central con for kids at the Science Central children's museum in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was especially awesome to meet my long time friend, Christine Rains in person! And her cute family =) Yay!

Had fun, met some nice people, and sold a few books! Got another one coming up this weekend. Nice and close to where I live in Ohio. And I'll be doing a solo talk about Anti-Princesses - It's not about the tiara!

I'd love to meet you at an event - tell me where you'll be!

Happy October!

ps - did anyone else lose their blog list?? I had to redo my top tabs too - something fishy going on in blogosphere...


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Trong the Goblin #fantasy #survey

That's me! My Beast name is Trong and I'm proud to be a Goblin...

Several of my CRADLE ROCK Release Party Beast helpers took the Beastly Survey to find out their beast names & species... Check them out!

These righteous readers are just a few of my awesome volunteers who offered to do ARC reviews of CRADLE ROCK. Reviews make the world go around, an author's world!

Juneta Key is really a Mermaid named Jade Katfish!

Christine Rains is a sweet but fierce Dragon named Cridge.

Michael Di Gesu is a sharp, troublemaking Pixie named Makev

Also helping with my Cradle Rock Beastly Blog Tour...

Flanju the intellectual Centaur is also known as Julie Flanders

Then there's Mia Jun, another Mermaid whose alter-human identity MJ Fifield recently moved to Florida, appropriately

Samber the Harpy is my wonderful CQ compatriot, Sharon Bayliss

And little Dodee the Elf is our beloved, petite Elizabeth Seckman!

Ever wonder what kind of beast would fit your disposition? Take my BEASTLY SURVEY to find out your beastly name and what kind of beast you really are!

And in other news...

I want to give a shoutout to Ashley Chappell! She is re-releasing her awesome YA Sci Fi adventure ALICE WILL on OCTOBER 5! (the talking cat sidekick is persnickety and hilarious!)

Fourteen year-old Trotter was still just trying to get the hang of the demi-godding business when the apocalypse began. In a world where the gods have withdrawn from humanity, leaving mortals bitter toward magic, she finds herself constantly torn between her human and goddess sides. When the world begins to fade away and she becomes the prime suspect, her search to find the cause and prove her innocence ends up revolving around a mysterious little girl named Alice. Then Trotter discovers that not all of the gods had been as distant as they seemed...

Now, with everyone against her and the gods fighting amongst themselves, Trotter is on her own to save her world and stop a vengeful god from using Alice to destroy everything.

Isn't it fabulous?!
Pre-orders are officially available! Get your own copy at Amazon for only $2.99. Plus she's giving away FREE e-copies of the second book, TILT to everyone who leaves a review for Alice! Email Ashley about the review and she'll send you an early copy just before Tilt is re-released in November.

Ashley Chappell currently resides in Huntsville, AL. When not writing, reviewing, or burying her nose in one of her well-worn Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman novels, she can be found sailing with her husband on their boat ‘Dupracity’ (Fans of Kurt Vonnegut will want to ask her what that means).